Restaurant Tycoon 2 Wiki

In Restaurant Tycoon 2, players are able to gain XP at the end of every day. If they gain enough XP, they can level up to the next player level. When you level up, you can achieve different ranks.

Players and Chefs that have reached level 11 or above will be able to cook Silver Dishes, gaining you more money. Similarly, those who have reached level 14 or above will be able to cook Golden Dishes.


Below is a list of player levels that the user will be able to achieve as they continuously play the game.

Name Level
Beginner Chef 1
Fry Cook 2
Line Cook 3
Deputy Chef 4
Chef 5
Senior Chef 6
Head Chef 7
Star Chef 8
Manager 9
Executive Chef 10
Basic Gourmet Master 11-12
Bronze Gourmet Master 13-14
Silver Gourmet Master 15-16
Gold Gourmet Master 17-18
Gourmet Elite 19-21
Bronze Royal Chef 22-24
Silver Royal Chef 25-27
Gold Royal Chef 28-30
Platinum Royal Chef 31-34
Royal Elite Chef 35-44
Champion Chef 45-54
Famous Chef 55-64
Legendary Chef 65-74
Celebrity Chef 75-84
World Champion Chef 85-100